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Amin Kalam

Renewable Energy Engineer

Amin Kalam had been involved in the renewable industry for five years. He started his career with a community project for basic electrification of a village followed by residential, industrial and commercial projects. An electrical engineer by trade his field experience is massive and have been specialized in rectifying technical issues. Since he entered the industry, Amin Kalam has been putting forth new and innovative ideas. He specializes in providing engineering services to the Business Development and Operations team in Infratec.

Amin graduated Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kerala. He then continued to earn his Master of Engineering post graduate degree specializing in Renewable Energy from Auckland University of Technology. His research project was investigating the feasibility and performance of Building Integrated Photovoltaic Systems in New Zealand. Amin is currently on the process of developing a product based on sustainability which was selected as one of the best innovative ideas during his postgraduate study. He represented the university as a technical consultant for a community based project in Auckland engaging the local electricity company, charitable trusts and other companies.

Amin has been working closely with a majority of solar technicians in New Zealand. He has managed, supervised and trained around 500-800 installs in the country. With vast experience in local residential market, he has also been involved in engaging various councils, Iwi groups and organizations in the solar industry.

Training and Qualifications:

  • Masters of Engineering (Renewable Energy)
  • Graduated from Auckland University of Technology
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)
  • Graduated from University of Kerala