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Delivering clean energy in NZ and the Pacific

New Zealand firm Infratec Limited, a leader in the generation, transmission and distribution of renewable power and alternative fuels, has entered into a strategic alliance with Perth-based company EMC Solar Construction.

Under the alliance, the companies will share resources, skills and IP to bring a wider range of product offerings to New Zealand, Oceania and potentially other international markets.

Infratec – which recently embarked on a battery storage trial with Alpine Energy in New Zealand’s South Island – is excited to bring EMC products, such as off-grid solar battery systems, grid-connected batteries and solar water pumping, to the New Zealand and Pacific markets.

“EMC are leaders in battery storage in Australia,” says Luke van Zeller, General Manager-Business Development of Infratec.

“Their engineering expertise in the clean energy sector and advanced energy storage products will give Infratec a distinct advantage in the New Zealand and Pacific markets.

“EMCs stand-alone solar/ battery systems and solar water pumping are a perfect fit for rural customers in New Zealand seeking an alternative to connecting to the electricity network.”

EMC Solar Construction has been delivering renewable energy projects in Australia since 2004. Projects include:

  • Thevenard Island Solar Power Station
  • Alkimos 1.2MWh Community battery
  • CSIRO 1.6MW/2.4MWh Solar Power Station for the Murchison Radio Telescope

“Infratec provides a ready-made platform in the Pacific for EMC products and engineering capabilities, we are convinced this alliance will help us both to grow the rapidly expanding application of our technology,” says John Davidson, Managing Director of EMC.

“This alliance provides EMC with an excellent opportunity to introduce our products to the New Zealand and the Pacific markets.”

About Energy Made Clean

EMC Solar Construction and EMC Engineering are a part of the Energy Made Clean Ltd group of companies with offices located in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane.

EMC has established a very strong reputation for designing, building, owning and operating renewable energy projects since 2004. EMC‘s project team has significant demonstrated experience across a range of commercial-scale solar projects, including EMC’s own build, own, operate and maintain (BOO) solar PV power station in Carnarvon.

EMC delivers practical commercial solutions to energy and carbon issues and works with corporate and government organisations of all sizes with the goal of deploying innovative and robust clean energy solutions to improve the energy profile of our clients and design and implement robust but simple solutions to complex challenges.

EMC joins forces with Infratec on distributed renewables, battery storage