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New Zealand Aid Programme funded projects in Nauru, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Marshall Islands and Palau


10th July 2018

Infratec has been awarded the contract to carry out the four projects of which have a combined value of $7.3m. Infratec will be delivering this project through a Joint Venture partnership with Sunergise International.

Starting in June 2018, Infratec will install solar PV and battery storage systems across five sites in the four countries with a completion date of May 2019.

Nauru is the largest of the project, with a 1.1MW solar farm, with all other sites receiving solar PV systems between 65kW and 274kW. A 169kWh battery storage system will be installed in Kayangel in Palau.

Infratec CEO, Greg Visser says that this ambitious project will have a measurable impact on each countries reliance on diesel, and supporting them to achieve their ambitious renewable energy targets.

“There is a huge opportunity to support countries in the Northwest Pacific and Nauru to transition away from expensive and carbon intensive diesel”.

These are New Zealand’s first renewable energy projects in the Northwest Pacific and Nauru. They are part of New Zealand’s commitment to these countries, announced at the 2016 Pacific Island Forum.

This year saw Infratec complete several renewable energy projects in the Cook Islands and Kiritimati.