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Practical Guide to the Regulatory Treatment of Mini-grids Published

We are pleased to see the recent publishing of the Practical Guide to the Regulatory Treatment of Mini-Grids, developed by @NARUC through the support of @USAID.

Infratec, through contributions from Mauricio Solano-Peralta, is proud and thankful to have worked in the authoring of this guide, an effort led by Emily Chessin from @CadmusGroup.

The practical guide is meant to provide regulators and policy-makers with tools and guidance for developing a transparent and enabling framework that supports and triggers the deployment of renewable mini-grids in remote areas as a firm and growing rural electrification option. Focusing on small-scale renewable energy mini-grids (<10MW), USAID and NARUC’s guide offers a flexible and modular tool to assist emerging economies in overcoming regulatory obstacles to develop their mini-grids sector as an alternative to rural electrification efforts and providing access to energy in most remote regions. The guide does not prescribe a single path for countries to follow in developing a mini-grid regulatory regime, but rather offers case studies and options for how to address particular issues within a country’s specific context.

The guide is available here for download: