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Solar Powered Art

Working with renewable energy specialists Infratec, The Dowse Art Museum has integrated solar power into its latest exhibition “Nicholas Mangan: Limits to Growth”.

“Art is a fantastic medium to begin conversations about renewable energy and its role in the future of our planet” says Infratec General Manager-Business Development, Luke van Zeller. “Mangan’s work addresses energy consumption, something that is very close to our hearts. So we are delighted to see the results of our successful partnership up and running in the museum.”

Courtney Johnston, Director of The Dowse Art Museum said, “Art brings ideas into the physical world. In this case, solar power is central to the concept behind Nicholas Mangan’s work “Ancient Lights”. It uses Infratec’s solar panels to power two large video projections of artworks that investigate the capture, storage and dissemination of the sun’s energy. In openly including the solar power in his work, Mangan invites audiences to think about global energy demands and question why we aren’t using more renewable energy.”

The Lower Hutt art gallery worked with Infratec to install 4.6kWh solar PV system. The solar system’s Fronius inverter has been installed within the museum and the technology is fully on display. Both the inverter and the solar panels will remain in place and will help The Dowse meet their environmental sustainability goals.