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The New Zealand - Maluku Access to Energy Support (NZMATES)

Infratec has recently delivered another New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade project. The New Zealand - Maluku Access to Energy Support (NZMATES) project is focusing on accelerating renewable energy development on Seram Island, in Maluku, Indonesia. Infratec will identify and support the commercialisation of renewable energy projects in the region, including medium and small scale hydro, solar and wind. Infratec’s work will encourage investment in these renewable energy projects by:

  • promoting improved local knowledge regarding renewable energy development
  • facilitating community and private sector involvement
  • supporting quality investment decision making
  • supporting the project development process
  • facilitating training, guidance and mentoring for project developers, and
  • establishing sustainable capability in Maluku to continue renewable energy development in future.

The Government of Indonesia has ambitious plans to develop its renewable energy resources and improve access to energy, particularly in Eastern Indonesia where economic and social progress is lagging behind the rest of Indonesia. NZMATES is intended to support this Government of Indonesia objective intends to leverage New Zealand’s comparative advantage in renewable energy and strengthen ties between the Indonesia and New Zealand’s renewable energy industries. Infratec will be partnering with Mercy Corp Indonesia to deliver this initiative.