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First Solar-Battery Project completed for Tuvalu

In January 2020, Infratec completed the commissioning of a 73.5kW rooftop solar panel-battery storage project on the Tuvalu Fisheries Department building in Funafuti.

The NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade funded project was the first to combine solar generation and battery storage on the island. It is likely to be a model for further projects as Tuvalu moves towards its goal of 100% renewable energy generation by 2025.

Infratec is currently delivering a $NZ8.4 million Solar PV facility and battery energy storage system on Funafuti, with the Tuvalu Electricity Corporation. The project, due for completion late 2020, will include 770 kW of Solar PV and at least 1 MWh of battery storage, as well as upgrades to the existing power station controls to allow further renewable energy generation to be added in the future. Once completed, the project will be Tuvalu’s largest solar and battery storage asset, and will also be a strong foundation for further planned development projects.

The Infratec team is very proud to support Tuvalu to reduce its reliance on diesel and move towards its goal of 100 percent renewable energy.