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Interconnected Mini-Grids

Interconnected mini-grids (or embedded networks) maintain a grid-connection point with the utility main grid and will source part of their electricity needs from the main grid, exchange generation, or just use the main grid as back-up.

Solar/battery hybrid systems can provide a number of services to rural customers in New Zealand and on remote areas of the Pacific and ASEAN regions. These include increased autonomy from the electricity network, increased reliability (no downtime during production due to power outages), resiliency to climate change impacts (e.g. cyclones, hurricanes), reduce electricity generation costs, lower green-house gas emissions, and environmental stewardship. Interconnected mini-grids maintain a connection to the grid and may use it as back-up.

Embedded networks can also be interesting for commercial consumers that wish to increase their own consumption of PV generated electricity and avoid grid spillage in electricity.

Autonomous Mini-Grids

Autonomous mini-grids are photovoltaic / wind / diesel and storage systems isolated from the main grid. Autonomous mini-grids share no connection point with the main grid, usually include no HV transmission, and are mainly located in very remote areas or outer islands. Infratec can design, supply and install utility-scale (>100kWp) battery storage systems in New Zealand, Pacific and ASEAN regions.