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Papua New Guinea renewable energy project

Infratec’s Mauricio Solano-Peralta is undertaking a scoping study for a renewable energy project, which will identify and implement off-grid renewable energy options (e.g. solar and biogas) for villages in East Pomio, Papua New Guinea.

The scoping study aims to provide VSA and other stakeholders with evidence-based analysis and recommendations, which will guide and inform decision making in relation to the selection and implementation of appropriate renewable energy systems, and the establishment of a project to implement such systems.

The study is also intended to assess and address any social, economic, technical and environmental impacts of the project.

Photo above: From left to right, Rodney (Wide Bay Conservation Association - WBCA),
Mauricio (Infratec), Elizabeth (WBCA), Floribeth and Malakai (boat operators), and Johannes (VSA)

Photo above: Mauricio and Elizabeth walking from Guma to Klampung village

Photo above: Mauricio at Sanpun village, East Pomo LLG